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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas Trees, not just for Christmas…

Hello Everyone!  Sandy (SandyPie) saying hi, a little late this sunny Thursday, I wanted to show you a little pet project I’ve been working on starring something you may not expect this time of year. 


I love Wendy’s Tiered Tree template, but Christmas is too short, and this one has potential for other uses, like this:


A fun little mobile, almost sculpture dare I say.  No, it’s not perfect but I smile when I see it.  I think something like this would be fun for a baby room for a pseudo mobile, I don’t know if the inks are safe for little people and I’d probably run my corner rounder on the points just to be safe, but aren’t the mobiles supposed to be out of reach anyway.  ;)

Hopefully I’ve opened your mind a little to some new possibilities with “seasonal supplies”.

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Thanks for stopping by see ya’ll again soon!

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