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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adding a New Spin

Sarah here! Time to take notes and kick butt. Um, wait. Oh, yeah. TWO different thoughts! Sorry, random here! Kids were out of school for 2 days for snow days, and today, my husband has been home all day sick. THANKFULLY, he's not the typical male and only asked for a refill of orange juice, AND listened to me and took some Ester-C and Echinacea :P

With the Winterpalooza event going on, I've been going a little "hybrid" crazy. Don't ask me how many projects I've made. Let's just say that I will probably have to buy more ink before February is over.

Anyways, one of my favorite classic projects is the Keep Me Posted hybrid project.
This time, I made it with the new Love Story collab (free when you spend $10). I love how it turned out.

I don't have any shots of it, but my daughter decided to add her own touch to it, and drew hearts in the corners. Aww!

Too bad she lied half the day saying she didn't do it :(

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