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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas Trees, not just for Christmas…

Hello Everyone!  Sandy (SandyPie) saying hi, a little late this sunny Thursday, I wanted to show you a little pet project I’ve been working on starring something you may not expect this time of year. 


I love Wendy’s Tiered Tree template, but Christmas is too short, and this one has potential for other uses, like this:


A fun little mobile, almost sculpture dare I say.  No, it’s not perfect but I smile when I see it.  I think something like this would be fun for a baby room for a pseudo mobile, I don’t know if the inks are safe for little people and I’d probably run my corner rounder on the points just to be safe, but aren’t the mobiles supposed to be out of reach anyway.  ;)

Hopefully I’ve opened your mind a little to some new possibilities with “seasonal supplies”.

Oh, and guess what, I have coupon code for you too!  Just use coupon code WBDblog25 in your cart and get 25% off your WendyBird purchase before March 1!!

Thanks for stopping by see ya’ll again soon!

My Introduction!

I wanted to pop in and say Hello!

My name is Tanyia. I have been CTing for Wendy for a few months, taking a couple off for personal health reasons, but am back now! I am so excited, too! I like working for Wendy because she truly has some adorable designs, she is helpful, on top of things, and actually pretty darn nice!

I don't know, I think if you want to buy things and become part of the hybrid family you should know who you are dealing with, if you know what I mean. So I will assume you agree and introduce myself formerly!

I just recently turned 36. I am a stay at home mommy to three beautiful children. They are 18, 12, and 9 and all girls. Right now we live in Northern Virginia, outside of D.C. I have been digital scrapbooking for about 3 years now and fell in love with hybrid when I saw all the beautiful little things you can do with it! But, believe me I am still learning and growing and so I would love to share my hybrid journey with you!

I can not wait to share all the hybrid goodness with you, so stay tuned!!!

I am sure that you saw some of these before but here are a few of the things I have done for Wendy.

Until next time ... get those scissors ready ladies!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hi everyone!! Shelly here to show off some awesome, creative hybrids from Wendy's gallery. And I have a little something extra to share too. But first, the hybrids!

by Tanyia

by Sandy

by Evie

And now for the little something extra...Wendy is offering 25% off, any time before March 1st! Use coupon code WBDblog25. You can find all of her amazing templates exclusively at Brownie Scraps, WendyBird Designs.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Fold Up Bag!


It’s in the Bag Vol. 5: Fold Up Bag

I originally created this template back in September and used it for the hybrid printable portion of the September collab kit: Smiles All Around

I also have a free printable in the next post down!


This template is 25% off today, along with the rest of the Fresh Baked Brownies!








Get the adorable mini kit that Evie used when you purchase your Brownie Addict membership for March!  Bethany of Scrappin’ Daisies and I are co-hosting, so you know we’re going to have lots of hybrid-y fun!  Get free kits, free hybrid templates, coupons and more!  Just $7 if you purchase before March 1st, then it goes up to $10

Friday, February 18, 2011

Olivia Hybrid Printable Freebie!

There is lots going on at Brownie Scraps right now, you still have time to finish up the Winterpalooza challenges and trade in your stamps for the adorable collab kit!

Bethany of Scrappin’ Daisies and I are hosting the March Brownie Addiction and you do not want to miss out!

You will get a Mega kit and the add-on Bytes, a free full kit, a mini kit, hybrid templates, exclusive coupons, lots of chatting, exclusive challenges with prizes…all for just $7 if you purchase in February!

And our own Ramona the Pest is being seen all over digi-land!

Check her out here at Persnickity Prints and here at DigiScrapAddicts!

She’s got lots going on at her blog too – a free template, word art freebies, coupons – don’t miss out!

Her featured kit this week is Olivia and it is adorable!


I have a FREE hybrid printable for you using Olivia, too!


This cute little purse is perfect for your girly girl to carry around little treasures or for you to give a small gift!

Full assembly instructions are included. This is my first time using the Pay with a Tweet/Facebook program, so I hope it goes smoothly! Just click on the icon for which post you’d like to do, post it, then you’ll get the download link.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Newbie to the team and a Coupon!*

Hello All! Newbie Ashley here!
I just wanted to take a second and say that I am thrilled to have received an invitation to Wendy's CT! I really think I'm going to enjoy hybrid scrapping!

I had the chance to work with a couple of templates this week and I am sooo loving the new cards!

Cards Vol. 5 Cut Down is now available in Wendy's store over at Brownie Scraps! This template was so fun to work with!

Here is my card using this template and kit Best Wishes By Down This Road Designs.
The other template I chose to work with this week was Its in the bag Vol. 4 Mackenzie's Purse So Super Cute! my Daughter Loves her new purse!

Here is the purse I made. my little lovies new purse! She keeps asking for more!
Kit used: Sweet Nothings By Down This Road Designs

Now is such a great time to get involved with hybrid scrapping, and to help you get started Wendy is offering a coupon to her store!
$2 off a purchase $5 or more
Expires 2/21/2011
Run over and check out the awesome goodies form

Friday, February 11, 2011

Get On the Hybrid Challenge Train

Sarah here (who apparently can't type her name, because she had to re-type it four times ). So, when you're done laughing at my obvious blondness for the day, I'll be waiting here to show off some GREAT hybrid results

There are a couple of hybrid challenges going on at Brownie Scraps for the month of February.

One is the normal monthly hybrid challenge, being hosted by Wendy

and here are a couple of my favorite results:
by krystlbear

by Wendy :P

by SageDiva2

Another challenge floating around the forum is the Winterpalooza Hybrid Challenge ... any hybrid project, any kit (current BS, of course). The results thus far have been spectacular!




Everything just turned out amazing, didn't they?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More New Release Inspiration

Hello All!

Sandy (SandyPie) I’m new to Wendy’s team and so thankful to be here.  I was giddy as a school girl when Wendy tapped me to join the team.  I’m a big fan of her templates and super excited to get to work with her and the everyone on the team. 

I was a little late getting my new release projects in this week, but Wendy has been super gracious and allowed me to post my projects up for you here.  So let’s get started….

First up we have the Treat Tent:



And the second new release, Cards Vol 5: Cut Down



And one more, have you seen Wendy’s Challenge in the Brownie Scraps forum?

Well this month Wendy has set us up for Valentine’s Day perfectly with this fun fun template.



And while we’re on the subject of Valentine’s Day and bragging on ourselves I’ll finish today with this super cute project I’m so proud of:



Thanks so much for checking out my projects today!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 New Releases and a Giveaway!

My team, the Supremes and bakers did a wonderful job this week, so I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves!


The Treat Tent Template was originally released in October for the Harvest Festival Event, but it works for any holiday or special day that you want to wrap up a bag of treats!

wbd_treattent_previewSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA  wbd_treattent_preview7 wbd_treattent_preview1 wbd_treattent_preview2 wbd_treattent_preview3 wbd_treattent_preview4 wbd_treattent_preview5 wbd_treattent_preview6


The second is 2 fun card templates that give you a sneak peek at the inside of the card and let you easily decorate the inside to match! 


Cute right?  Remember, new releases are 25% off today only – so just $1.50 each!


My fabulous CT member Laura is hosting 14 Days of Giveaways on her blog leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Today is #7 and I am the sponsor!

I am giving away this Hybrid Pocket Calendar I made with Ramona’s Home Sweet Home kit:


And this wreath I made!  Totally not hybrid, not a scrap of paper involved, but my other obsession lately is felt flowers, and this wreath features some pretty felt red roses!

Winning is as easy as leaving a comment, so head on over there now and check out the other giveaways while you’re there!

Laura’s Daily Madness Blog