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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Splendidly Spring Freebie

Sigh.  So last night I wrote up my whole post with my new release, pictures, the freebie, the whole she-bang and scheduled it to post for this morning.  Well apparently I only saved it as a draft, didn’t publish it.  I use Live Writer (love it!), so it’s saved on my laptop at home and now I’m at work so I can’t access my draft.

I’m going to wait and do the new release post later because we are switching our store software over to XCart (yay!) and I didn’t load it into the old one.  

You will have to re-register, but just for the store.  XCart has lots of great features, including a wish list!   Once you get all signed up again,  make sure you fill up your wish list, because at the end of the month, we’re going to draw 3 winners to win items on their wish list!  See full details HERE in the forum.

So for now, let me give you the freebie!

I used Splendidly Spring, a fun collab by Ramona the Pest and Marni Designs – isn’t it cute?  It will be in the new store too!


I created a printable card for you – just print, cut it out, fold in half and send to someone who needs a smile!


Note: I know that not everyone is on the Facebook/Twitter train.  But, for now at least, I’m going to stick with the pay with post set up.  It’s still free for you to get the download and it helps me to get my name out there and spread the word that there’s a freebie available.  You can always set up a twitter account just for these types of freebies… it’s free and you don’t have to get any email notifications or anything, so it would be invisible to you :)

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