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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nesting Boxes!

I am starting a new series of nesting boxes and first up is stars!

You can use all three together, stacked and store them inside each other, or you can use each one separately. 

by Stacy:

by Christina:

I realized afterward that I should have included something in the picture to give you size perspective, because the large box is big!  Even the small box is bigger than any other box I have yet!

Large - approx. 5.75" across x 2.25" tall

Medium - approx. 4.5" across x 1.75" tall

Small - approx. 3.75" across x 1.5" tall

Nesting Boxes Vol. 1: Star Boxes is on double sale today: 33% off for my birthday and 25% off that for Fresh Baked Brownies, so it is a steal today!  My birthday sale ends on Thursday, so take advantage! 

Don’t forget to enter my birthday RAK too!

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