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Friday, May 27, 2011

Template Spotlight

Hi Everyone, Crystal here, and I'm Wendy's newest LadyBird. I always have fun working with Wendy's templates. I went looking through the store and found Boxed In Vol. 1: Squared Up and realized that I had never worked with it before.
Image is linked to the store.

It's the perfect little gift box for any small gift or treat. You know, I used to always go to the store is search for the perfect boxes or gift bags for my gifts, and they were never exactly what I was looking for. What's great about using templates by WendyBird Designs is that you can customize them in any way you want for whatever occasion you need it for.

Take a look at what I did with the template:
Image is linked to the gallery, so you can view the credits.

and here is one that I found in the gallery by Terra.
Image is linked, so you can leave some love.

Go take a look at Wendy's store, I'm sure you'll find a template (or two) that you'd love to try. Never tried hybrid before? Why not start with this one, it's one of the easiest ones. All of the templates come with great instructions and they are easy to understand.


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