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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hybrid Gallery Stand Outs

Hi!! Sarah here! I was looking through the hybrid gallery at Brownie Scraps and I found some seriously cute projects that have been completed!!

This was created by sparagus, and is jsut such a beautiful invitation! So cute and adorable!!
This was created by KrystalBear. So pretty and I love the crayon instead of a pen!!
Created by Tanyia. She totally stole my idea of using a stuffed animal for posing but who can resist a cute penguin?
Created by SandyPieCreations. I love the bright colors, and the super sweet messages!!
An egg shaped basket by tiffanydimples. I am so craving a chocolate bunny now!!

Make sure, when you upload to Brownie Scraps, that you put your hybrid projects in the hybrid section! You just might be featured next!!

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