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Sunday, September 6, 2009

LOs and my announcement!

Since I mentioned the speed scrap I was doing last night, I thought I'd post the finished product! :)

Journaling reads: we went out to dinner for my birthday and ordered some sushi. when the shrimp came, it had a very fancy presentation, including the fried heads! papa bet you a dollar that you wouldn't eat an antennae, so of course you had to! but he won his dollar back when he ate the eyeball...

credit: Sunshine Studio's Funtime in the Summertime blogtrain by Amanda Kay, WG Rhonda, Flutter Expressions, Madame Wing and WG Jaye

I did my first 2-pager today!
Gina’s 12!
My boyfriend's daughter's birthday
Journaling: For Gina’s birthday, we spent the day at the resort, where Tyler and Josie were finally brave enough to go on the water slide. Once they realized it wasn’t scary, we couldn’t keep them off it!
credit: Paper: Circle Line by studio mgl, Funtime in the Summertime by WG Rhonda Elements: Circle Line by studio mgl, After the Rain by Amanda KayTemplate: Ramona the Pest Designs
And the last one I did today:
i poo'd
My favorite nephew!
credit: Hellraiser collab by Sunshine Studio Scraps
It's a new record for me, 3 pages done just today! I am participating in Scrap Idol over at Sunshine Studio Scraps and there are some awesome participation prizes, so I'm trying to get 50 layouts done in September to collect them all... 9 down, 41 to go! But my original goal for the month was 25 so I'm on track for that.
I'm also going to have some help reaching my goal though, because I've been asked to join the Gotta Pixel Site CT team! I am one of the lucky ones who has been chosen from the many talented scrappers who participated in the Scrap Star contest over the last 4 weeks. I am super excited to start working with the wonderfully talented GP Designers!

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  1. Congratulations on the Site CT gig! That is super exciting! Love all your layouts, they are amazing.