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Friday, June 17, 2011

Father’s Day Treat Bags

With Father’s Day just a few days away, I wanted to share the cute treat bags I made!


I used Dad’s Day by Scraps by Mara and Blue Heart Scraps, which is the full sized kit you get for FREE if you’re a June Brownie Addict! 

Not an Addict?   It’s not too late!  For $10, you get Game On –the Mega Kit and Add On, Dad’s Day –the full size kit, You Are my Sunshine –the mini kit, plus freebies –2 alphas, word tags and templates!  Check out all the previews HERE

The July Brownie Addicts is available now too, just $7 before July 1st, then it goes up to $10!

Ok, back on track lol

I also used my Treat Me Template

I cut the flap into a “W” shape to resemble a shirt collar and inked the edges so that they didn’t just blend in, then I printed patterned papers onto regular copy paper for the origami ties.  You don’t want to use cardstock for them because there is lots of folding.

I practiced both with unprinted paper, to get the hang of the folds and figure out what size was going to work best.

For the neck tie, I used this tutorial from the Operation Write Home blog.  I started with a 4” square, just like their instructions.  If you want a diagonal striped tie like mine, make sure that your square is cut in line with the stripes (vertical or horizontal).  Because it gets folded on the diagonal, starting with diagonal stripes finishes with straight stripes.


For the bow tie, I used this video tutorial on VideoJug. They use a dollar bill, which is 2.5” x 6”.  This turned out a little big for this bag, so I started with 2”x5.5” instead.


It’s kind of hard to see in the pictures, but the ties have great dimension on them, they are puffy and realistic! 

I just used some double stick tape to adhere the ties to the flaps.

I finished off the bow tie bag with some shirt buttons and closed the flaps with repositional adhesive.  Velcro or magnets would work too and help give the collar some extra dimension too!  Slip a gift card or some candy inside and you’re all set for Father’s Day!

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