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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prep and Landing

Hi! Sarah here! Little proud runner with scissor, though I have learned not to do it with my hybrid scissors. Now that was a bloody mess. Just kidding. I haven't cut myself, I promise :) I'm good with the scissors! ;)

Actually, I've been working on designing myself a CT binder :O I'm on a few CTs and while, for the most part, the rules are the same, they each have their own release days. So, I have to be able to keep track on who has what releasing when :O

So, here's how it's starting:
Pretty cool right? My kids are having fun watching it grow, and giving me suggestions on what to add next. My next goal is to find a binder with the ability to change the front cover (maybe even the back cover).

So, what's your big hybrid project for the new year? Share with me ... us!

1 comment:

  1. My goal is to try some hybrid stuff! :) I really need to hook up my printer and give it a go! Love, love, love the CT planner - great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)